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Offical Free4Faucet annoucement & updates

<div style="text-align:center;"><img src="http://www.free4faucet.com/images/Logo_Medium2.png" alt="Image" /></div><br />

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Hello,<br />

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<span style="text-decoration:underline;">This topic will be updated when something new happens.</span><br />

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Free4faucet is a faucet website but with the feature for users to create there own faucet rotator. You can share your own rotator with your friends or even promote.<br />

<br />

Along side the faucets Free4faucet offers a massive free faucet list for everyone to use to maximize there earnings. With the faucet list it also gives faucet owners to chance to display there faucet on the list with a simple submission. <a href="http://www.free4faucet.com/faucet/earnmore/submit.php">Learn more</a>.<br />

<br />

<span style="text-decoration:underline;">Some info bits;</span><br />

All commission you make is yours! We do-not request any paid fee&#039;s.<br />

(Optional), you can place a message on your rotator &quot;Donate to this user&quot;<br />

Sharing &amp; email options available.<br />

Simple design &amp; very easy to use.<br />

Drive unlimited traffic to your rotator without restrictions.<br />

View &amp; edit you rotator websites at anytime<br />

Users can directly visit the featured website include your referral link.<br />

Free4faucet faucets pay using FaucetBox.com<br />

Viewable stats on the websites homepage<br />

<br />

By default i have set a limit of MAX 50 websites per user for the meantime. All users need to become an account holder in-order to create a free rotator. Anyone can publicly view your rotator i.e friends or others with your link. On free rotators there is a small ad placed at the top of the page.<br />

<br />

View a demo rotator: http://www.free4faucet.com/r/view.php?u=1&amp;p=1<br />

<br />

Website index - http://free4faucet.com/<br />

Websites faucets - http://free4faucet.com/faucet/<br />

Bitcoin Faucet - http://free4faucet.com/faucet/bitcoin/ - Claim every 15 minutes 150-10000 satoshi per claim.<br />

Create rotator - http://free4faucet.com/r/<br />

Faucet Lists - http://www.free4faucet.com/faucet/earnmore/<br />

<br />

Need suggestions for your rotator? Try http://www.free4faucet.com/faucet/earnmore/<br />

<br />

Thank you. Any comments, suggestions, feedback &amp; your very own rewards.<br />

<br />

Major Update: PTC wall added. You can now advertise a website &amp; &#039;Clickers&#039; will earn from it.<br />

<br />

New: We have add the Adscend offerwall. Complete offers to earn even more bitcoin!<br />

<br />

Enjoy earning!

6 0 #1 Posted on: 04/11/2015 06:41:43 by free4later

<strong></strong> thank

0 0 #2 Posted on: 10/06/2016 22:03:40 by wito

Thanks a lot for the information. Really useful. I dont know if people is reading it but if they don&#039;t they re loosing a lot of satoshi for sure.

0 0 #3 Posted on: 08/12/2016 06:34:22 by correosdelbosque

thank you i lke<a href="http://"></a>

0 0 #4 Posted on: 14/03/2017 23:11:37 by sonono
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