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Contract-Miner is a new addition to the Free4later-Network. A bitcoin game based on you become a bitcoin miner but you then lease your hashing power to people and in return - you get paid.

V0.01 - Launch

  • Website launch

V0.02 - 15/03/2017

  • Revised EXP reward system for better progression - EXP before 15/03/2017 was reset.

  • Added property/company feature. Start up your very own mining business.

  • Added market feature. Sell and buy other users hardware (P2P).

  • Site-wide improvements.

  • Fixed website content align issue.

  • Redesigned homepage with new information.

  • Mining values have changed. New system is the mining value p/Ghs p/day times 25 ({value}*25) (this may change).

  • Signup reward has been changed for new members;

    1 Ghs signup Bonus changed to 500 Mhs.

    3 Storage units increased to 10 storage 'Space'.

V0.03 - 22/03/2017

  • Game improvements & fixes

  • AdscendMedia offerwall has been added so you can now earn Mhs (internal mining power).

 V0.03a - 23/03/2017

  • OfferDaddy offerwall has been added.

 V0.03b - 25/03/2017

  •  Fixed the contract issue when owning a property it returns a contract error.

  • Site changes - deposits page + added stats - sidebar layout changes.

  • Added a 25% referral commission to referred users contract fee's + updated information to the referral page.

  • Captcha (SolveMedia) issue solved.

v0.04 - 29/03/2017

  • Fixed some small issues.

  • Added a site menu (just for easier navigation).

  • Added a instant sell feature to the market. A daily buyer will offer you 15~50% for your miners if you don't list your miners.

  • Withdrawals can now be requested from any page.

v0.04b - 29/03/2017

  • Added a feature where users who owned storage units before v0.02 can now claim some Mhs mining power.

v0.05 - 05/04/2017

  • Fixed logout issue prevent the user to logout.

  • Add a site chat - Replaces the ChatAnGo widget.

  • Changed the layout of the home page to use less space and look more clean.

v0.05a - 05/04/2017

  • New live active user counter - See how many players are online (active users within 5 minutes).

v0.06 - 05/04/2017

  • Small changes to the chat box & live counter.

  • Added a live feed showing faucet claims, mining contracts and withdrawal amounts.

  • Added a level 4 bonus to the faucet.

  • Small changes to the design.

  • Remove the old storage conversion which was available for user who owned storage before v0.02.

v0.07 - 02/05/2017

  • General site fixes.

  • Added settings. You can now update your wallet address.

  • Added pin code feature - Pin code must be added in order to update any settings and to make a withdrawal.

v0.08 - 09/05/2017

  • Added Xapo as a withdrawal option.

  • Withdrawals now require a pin to process your request.

v0.08a - 10/05/2017

  • New theme styles to add more of a better look/design.

v0.08b - 13/05/2017

  • Changes to the Contract-Miner game panel area. Replaces 1 captcha and a new improved and easier process.

v0.08c - 16/05/2017

  • Changes to the header section, menu, info sections, stats and navigation.

v0.09 - 23/05/2017

  • New changes to the game

  • New progressive levelling system. Now your EXP will earn you levels

  • Faucet levels are now based on your progressive levels and will earn your 1% faucet bonus on every new level.

  • Faucet also gives bonus EXP - Default is +0.01 EXP per claim + 0.0001 EXP for each additional level.

v0.09b - 04/06/2017

  • Added multiple languages to the chat - English, Spanish and Russian languages is now available.

v0.10 - 14/06/2017

  • Small changes to the game page to make it more clearer and updated info sections

  • You will no longer be 'Contracting' your mining power to virtual buyers but contracting your mining power to the Contract-Miner (CM) mining pool.

  • You can see the new 'CM mining pool' stats on the home page just above your contract.

  • Changed the shop items layout.

v0.10a - 19/06/2017

  • Fixed general issues including the shop pricing structure

  • Added a mini game to play whilst waiting for your contract to expire.

  • Added message counter to the chat box to see when a chat is active.

  • Replaced some ads on the faucet page and added x1 popup add (testing).

  • Big changes to the EXP -> Level system making it much more easier to reach a new level.

v0.10b - 20/06/2017

  • Value per Ghs increased.

  • Complete now store design.

v0.10c - 27/06/2017

  • Added a small new way to earn. Just above the contractor game box you can view small ads to earn satoshi (instantly). The idea was not to credit Mhs but to credit satoshi instead.

v0.10d - 01/07/2017

  • BTC price added. It'll update every 15 minutes. This update will work with future updates. Credit: CoinMarketCap

  • Reworked the chat and made many fixes. Chat should now work instantly without any delays and no refreshes to load older messages.

v0.11 - 09/07/2017

  • Added tasks feature. You can now complete tasks to earn extra bitcoin on top of your contracts.

v0.12 - 12/07/2017

  • Contract-Miner has been redesigned and looks and runs much better. Many new features have also been added.

  • New SSL cert provided - LetsEncrypt.

  • New referral banners

v0.13 - 23/07/2017

  • Completely new referral system. To make things better and support feature updates you will now earn a commission based on users withdrawals and not contract-fees. This will mean the bigger your referral becomes, the more you will earn. All commission is paid to your balance.

  • Added some new tasks.

v0.14 - 07/08/2017

  • You will now gain a small amount of EXP when you request a withdrawal.

  • Properties have been balanced / adjusted.

  • New contract overview to see earnings per 1, 10 and 25 contracts.                                                                                   

v0.15 'Contracts' - 05/09/2017

  • Mhs faucet and Withdrawal EXP altered.

  • Mhs faucet level bonus increased for users with higher levels.

  • Mhs faucet is now using BitCaptcha - Will be rolled out across all sites over time.

  • Contract-Miner game page has been completely re-coded. Instead of purchasing timers you can now simply select a contract, depending on your level.

  • EXP system has been redesigned for much simpler levelling progression.

  • EXP system had to be reset to work with the new system.

  • Properties updated.

v0.16 'Captcha' - 22/09/2017

  • Highly requested option was added which now allows you to switch between your preferred captcha settings.

  • New tier 10 contract was added.

v0.16a - 27/09/2017

  • New login and signup login system - Much more easier to signup and login making it more convenient.

v0.17 - 31/10/2017 
Changes have been made over the month

  • New game layout & design changes

  • Property changes - Price lowered and top 2 tiers removed

  • 2 new tasks have been added

  • The game rewards evolved around Bitcoins dynamic value.

  • Live feed displays improved data

v0.17a - 18/11/2017

  • Changed the way the game looks making it easier for new members to understand and also giving the game an overall cleaner look.

v0.17b - 19/11/2017

  • Suggested to add Coin-Hive browser miner to the game - it will run in the background using minimal resource. Plans to add a standalone feature are planned. At the moment this is to simply support the game. It is clear in the source so you can block it's element if you wish. 

  • Revamped the shop. Lowered price, changed layout, added different images for the miners to give a better element to the game.

v0.18 - 04/12/2017

  • 2 New contractable coins added! You can now earn Litecoin and Dogecoin - This opens up for more coins in the future

  • mh/s faucet changed to a Bitcoin faucet, makes it easier to purchase miners or withdraw.

  • 2 new miners added to the shop

  • Change your contractable coin within your account page

  • Shop cost increase are much more smaller.

  • The PTCWall 'Contractor' feature has been removed - They added a 100% hidden miner feature and I did not want to subject users to that.

v0.19 - 04/12/2017

  • Many small fixes, and UI changes.

  • New tier 2 tasks are now available!




2 0 #1 Posted on: 08/03/2017 13:17:53 by free4later

I went to check it out and looks very promising great Job!!


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I went to check it out and looks very promising great Job!!


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