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We all hate popups, ads, and shortlinks. Get these two free extensions from the ChromeWebStore, and voila!

*PoperBlocker: Blocks popups. Saves a LOT of energy and time.

*uBlockOrigin: Made by Google, open source, blocks ads and best of all, REMOVES SHORTLINK TIMERS!

#hateshortlinks #hateads

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Moved my autofaucet to a new domain... =>

Auto claim - and earn up to 10x the amount from before!
Great for FaucetHub EXP
Share your referral link to earn EXP and crypto without even doing anything!

#bitcoinfaucet #autofaucet

Ignore the banner lol

? Acorn Auto-Faucet! ?

? Acorn Auto-Faucet! ?

An autofaucet made by Myacorn. Claims every 5 seconds.
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Amazing multicoin faucet with 20 currencies to choose from. All FaucetHub coins and 9 altcoins with Direct Payout. Blackcoin and Potcoin also have a direct payout option.

Faucet Crypto

Faucet Crypto

Claim free bitcoin, stratis, minexcoin, reddcoin : 11 FaucetHub coins and 7 Altcoins and all in one place!