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Translate   5 days ago

New big update will be available within the coming weeks. This is one of the biggest updates I have ever created for Contract-Miner.

Translate   2 days ago

The new and completely revamped gifting system - This will replace the daily gift box with an entire 'Box' system. As you will notice, you will get 2 extra bonuses! Weekly + Monthly. This means more rewards for you.

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One of the new upcoming features to the 'Timed Mh/s' update. The 'Miners-Tap' - This is a completely new feature to the game. You earn Timed Mh/s that expire after a duration. This will be another way to earn Mh/s along side owning miners from the shop.

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PTCWall has been added to Contract-Miner. Just another way to continue earning.

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New Contract-Miner update coming soon v1.22. This will balance the shop pricing structure and a complete revamp on the power system. Miners will use it's own power rather than a set rate