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I'm currently working on a new version of the website to increase page load times, easier navigation, improved backend code and better to use. I'm building this based on some good feedback I've had over the months.

Bellow is a preview of a upcoming dashboard, with requested easier way to see your balances. So with that I've created info cards along with a balances dropdown in the menu.

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Make sure to like the CM page. All news will be posted there ->

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Problems with CMC:
1. Yesterday Sunday 09/06 tenñia 29 CMC, today appends 18/23 (in all rounded cases) aleatortiramente
2. Yesterday I watched several videos of AdscendMedia on and supposedly the dot-crossing was done, I do not know who the error is but they do not appreciate:

Please, please solve it and let me know if I should complain to

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Part of the upcoming V2 withdrawals. Soon you'll be able to withdraw CMC. This will soon be the central way of earning / withdrawing.

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The website is still on change
I will be waiting for it even i didnt know what it change

Waiting for ALPHA!!!!
Feeling Happy

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Awsome, anyway i was gonna wait the contract miner for mobile cause the website is really didnt suitable with mobile phone like everything is broken XD anyway keep the work