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The Free4later Forum is going to be closed for now. This is to make the 'Groups' the main focus of sharing with other members.

Groups is where you can share, post and communicate with a large group of members or even have a invite only group.

You can now share / upload videos and increased file limit to 12MB (Limit to prevent spam).
Customise your profile with improved features. Profile avatar, header and background images.
You can now create stories and status to share with your friends & followers.

I'm going to temporary closing AdBitty - The website has so many issues that I don't have the time to solve.

If I decide for a relaunch in the future AB I will start it on a fresh start.

Just to clarify, there are no pending withdrawals!

Thank you for understanding.
- B

I mentioned over 3 months ago that Free4faucet was going to close - I've finally made that decision that I'm going to close the websites. Times are hard and revenues are slim.

This website has meant alot to me and was one of my first websites I made as I learned programming.

It has been a fun ride and I hope you will come across some future projects

Take care.
- B

Free4later may go down for server maintenance later on for some changes - May be a few hours.

Okay, so after a lot of thought and stressful nights I have decided I am going to be closing down and soon after The problem is not with money but with time. I will be using this time to focus on more important projects such as Contract-Miner, Free4later and AdBitty.

I hope you can all understand this choice that I have had to make